Meet The team

Meet the Mehlville Mobile Team

Jenny Rieker, Director of MIH

Jenny Rieker CP, CCEMTP is the Director of Mobile Integrated Health at Mehlville Fire Protection District. With more than 20 years of experience in pre-hospital emergency care, Jenny was one of Missouri’s first Community Paramedics. She assisted with the creation of Missouri’s first MIH program and served as Program Coordinator and Lead Instructor for the Community Paramedic Education Program.

Nick Marty, Community Paramedic

Nick Marty is a Community Paramedic at Mehlville Fire Protection District. His career as an emergency medical service provider began in 2012 as an EMT, and after obtaining his Critical Care certification, Nick shifted his focus to non-emergency response. Nick enjoys using his skills and experience to help people navigate healthcare and social services as well as improve their quality of life.

Contact Us:

Jenny Rieker – Director of MIH
P: 314-894-0420 x1727
C: 314-502-0706

Nick Marty – Community Paramedic
P: 314-894-0420 x1727
C: 314-565-1752