Mehlville Fire Protection District Engine Houses

MFPD provides fire suppression, EMS, and rescue service to a 52 square mile area including the cities of Sunset Hills, Green Park, Lakeshire, the townships of Oakville, Mattese, Concord Village, Sappington and portions of the township of Lemay and unincorporated St. Louis County. MFPD protects a resident population of approximately 134,000 and infrastructure including single family dwellings, multiple occupancy apartments, industrial facilities, two medical facilities, office parks and retail centers, interstate highways, major rail lines and over 10 miles of waterfront. MFPD operates out of seven engine houses that are strategically located to facilitate quick response.

House 1 – 3241 Lemay Ferry Road

St. Louis, Missouri 63125

Located in the heart of South County, just south of Mehlville Senior High School. Home to ALS Pumper Company 1710 staffed with 3 firefighters and ALS Ambulance 1717 staffed with 2 paramedics. Because of the strategic location of this engine house, the area’s population density, business community, traffic volume, and mutual aid obligations, these companies are the busiest in the district.

House 2 – 5434 Telegraph Road

St. Louis, Missouri 63129

One of several newer engine houses, House 2 is home to ALS Pumper 1720 staffed with firefighters and ALS Ambulance 1727 staffed with two paramedics. Crews respond to emergency calls at the southeastern part of MFPD and generally serves the community of Oakville. It is the second busiest in the district.

House 3 – 4811 South Lindbergh Boulevard

St. Louis, Missouri 63126

Completed in 2012, House 3 includes a 5-story training tower that allows crews to train on high angle rescue, confined space evolutions, platform and aerial ladder maneuvers, and other specialty rescues. House 3 is home to Aerial ALS Pumper 1735, staffed by 3 firefighters, and ALS Ambulance 1737, staffed with 2 paramedics.

House 4 – 13117 Tesson Ferry

St. Louis, Missouri 63128

Located in the southwest part of the district, House 4’s response area includes a population of apartment dwellers and single home owners, businesses, a major hospital, retirement centers and even some farming area. Three firefighters are assigned to ALS Pumper 1740 and an ALS Ambulance 1747. The District’s reserve boats are also stationed at House 4.

House 5 – 11020 Mueller Road

St. Louis, Missouri 63123

The south side of House 5 encompasses the Administrative Headquarters. The engine house side includes the Dr. Bosche EMS Training Center as well as the offices of the Assistant Chief EMS, the Deputy Chief, EMS Battalion Chiefs, the Mobile Integrated Health division, and Medical Direction. Companies include ALS Pumper 1750, Rescue Squad 1756, and ALS Ambulance 1757.

House 6 – 6870 Telegraph Road

St. Louis, Missouri 63129

House 6 was built in 1978 to help reduce response time to the southernmost part of MFPD. In more recent years, the station has seen an increase in call volume due to population shifts. 3 firefighters staff ALS Pumper 1761 and Platform 1762.

House 7 – 5501 Old Lemay Ferry

St. Louis, Missouri 63129

House 7 is strategically located near the middle of the fire district and adds good support to all other still alarm areas. It is home to 75-foot Aerial ALS Pumper 1775 staffed with 3 firefighters and Ambulance 1777 staffed with 2 paramedics.