Medical Direction

In 2020, we partnered with Washington University EMS to provide our qualified medical direction, which Missouri law requires to ensure that emergency medical care meets state and national standards.  Our Wash. U. physicians provide 24/7 oversight of our paramedics, establishing treatment protocols, training, and quality improvement programs.

Jeffrey Siegler, MD, EMT-P serves as medical director, and Melissa Kroll, MD serves as assistant medical director.  Both are board-certified in Emergency Medicine and EMS and are graduates of the Washington University School of Medicine EMS Fellowship.  They have advanced EMS practice at MFPD with a laser focus on high-quality, progressive medical care.

“Our goals are to ensure the delivery of high-quality, progressive medical care in the out-of-hospital environment, maintain a continuous quality improvement program, provide education and training to our EMTs and Paramedics, and conduct EMS research,” said Dr. Siegler.  “We will continue to advance the abilities of our Critical Care Paramedics so that our patients can benefit from early, aggressive medical care.”  In future, MFPD’s Critical Care Paramedics may be trained to perform blood transfusions, critical medication infusions, ultrasounds, and laboratory tests.

WUEMS has unique capabilities that benefit the agencies it oversees.  Many of WUEMS’s physicians are former EMTs and Paramedics, and some have been firefighters as well.  This prior experience helps EMS physicians understand and work well in the EMS setting.  WUEMS is the only Physician-level Emergency Medical Response Agency (EMRA) licensed in the State of Missouri.  The EMRA is available 24/7 to respond to emergency scenes throughout the state, helping with evaluation and treatment including field amputation.  WUEMS operates a fleet of 5 marked EMS response vehicles capable of emergency vehicle operations and radio communication with first responders.  The Charles F. Knight Emergency and Trauma Center maintains a Communications Center with registered nurses and call technicians who can reach the medical director or other Washington University EMS physicians 24/7.  WUEMS is also responsible for the education of Washington University School of Medicine EMS and Emergency Medicine Fellows, Residents and Medical Students, who participate in observation and ride-alongs with MFPD crews.

Jeffrey Siegler, Medical Director

MFPD, Rock Township Ambulance District, SLCH STARS Program, NFPA, St. Charles County SWAT, St. Louis Metro USAR, Homeland Security Response Team – HAZMAT

Melissa Kroll, Assistant Medical Director

MFPD, Christian Hospital EMS