Mehlville Fire Protection DistricT

Mehlville Mobile Healthcare

In 2018, Mehlville Fire Protection District launched its mobile integrated healthcare division, Mehlville Mobile Healthcare. More than 12 of the District’s highly trained Critical Care Paramedics went through special training, including over 100 hours of classroom and practical education, to become certified Community Paramedics. Mehlville Mobile aims to reduce non-emergency 911 calls and to provide people a better care experience, reduce healthcare costs, and improve the overall health and quality of life for our community.

Mehlville Mobile typically identifies potential clients through analysis of EMS records for frequency of use as well as underlying health and environmental conditions. Clients enrolled in Mehlville Mobile receive free at-home visits from their Community Paramedics for approximately 90 days. At the initial visit, the Community Paramedic will perform a comprehensive assessment of the individual’s health and environment to identify the problems they may be having with independent living. The Community Paramedic will then develop a plan of action to connect the client with resources to help them meet their challenges and improve their quality of life. Client needs vary greatly, and their Community Paramedic might help them get a primary care physician, arrange transportation to appointments or the grocery store, coordinate care and medication compliance, or connect them with physical therapy to prevent falls, to name a few.

Mehlville Mobile has been successful in reducing costly non-emergency 911 calls, for which the District receives no compensation. Clients who have graduated from the program show a reduction of over 80% in non-emergency 911 calls. Building on this success, Mehlville Mobile plans expansion into other mobile integrated healthcare programs, such as initiatives that would help patients more effectively manage chronic disease or transition back into their homes after a hospitalization.

If you see our community paramedics around town (in a leased vehicle generously donated by Mungenast Honda), say Hello! Ultimately, we want Mehlville Mobile to become an integral part of our healthcare community, evolving as community needs change and providing new connections and efficiencies that will benefit everyone.