Open Burning Information

Effective April 15, 1996, MoDNR regulates the open burning of tree leaves or residential brush or any other type of vegetation is limited to the period beginning September 16 and ending April 14 of each year.

You should obtain an approval letter from the Mehlville Fire Protection District Fire Prevention Bureau prior to conducting an open burn. You should also have means available to control/extinguish your open burn.

  1. Notify Central County Fire Alarm at 636 394-5442 on the day of the fire just before being ignited.
  2. Painted, creosoted, wolmanized or otherwise treated wood must NOT be used to fuel the fire.
  3. The fire must not be used to dispose of food or rubbish waste.
  4. The fire must be completely extinguished before the sponsors of the fire leave the premises.
  5. The base area of the fire must not exceed sixteen (16) square feet.
  6. Burning may take place between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm only.

If smoke, ash or particulate matter from a recreational fire remain visible beyond the property line of origin, or found on surfaces beyond the property line of origin, this may be a violation of the Missouri Air Pollution Control Rule, 10CSR 10-6.170 - Restriction of Particulate Matter to the Ambient Air Beyond the Premises of Origin. Such an Occurrence could result in issuance of a Notice of Violation from the St. Louis County Dept. of Health, Air, Land and Water Branch. Any violation of the Missouri Air Pollution Control Rules could also result in a fine from the State of Missouri.

Bonfires are allowed anytime during the year.

Burn permit requests can be mailed to 11020 Mueller Road, Saint Louis, MO 63123-6943, faxed to 314.894.3964, or emailed by clicking here.